Project Name Discription Link
Bike Share Analysis
This project explores data related to bike share systems for three systems in the USA. Data Wrangling and Analysis has been done using Python. Several Questions have been posed and answered. US Bike Share
Medical No Show Analysis
This dataset collects information from 100k medical appointments in Brazil and is focused on the question of whether or not patients show up for their appointment.
Questions have been asked, and answers have been provided with vizulations where they are needed.
Medical No Show Analysis
Soccer Analysis

This soccer database comes from Kaggle and is well suited for data analysis and machine learning. It contains data for soccer matches, players, and teams from several European countries from 2008 to 2016. This dataset is quite extensive, and we encourage you to read more about it here
Initial Analysis Basic Analysis Team Analysis
Stroop Effect
Here we analyze a classic phenomenon from experimental psychology called the Stroop Effect. The results are then then analyzed using hypothesis testing. Stroop Effect
Tweet Anaylysis - "WeRateDogs"
[PY] Docs
Part Wise Analysis : 1.Gather 2.Asses 3.Clean 4.Viz
Final Analysis
Weather Trend Analysis
Weather trend analysis done in excel and Markdown/Word used for pdf Generation. Report
AB Testing - Webpage Change
This is a sample A/B test run by an e-commerce website. The company has developed a new web page in order to try and increase the number of users who "convert," The goal is to help the company understand if they should implement this new page, keep the old page or do something entirely diffrent. WebSite AB Testing
Basic Wine Analysis
Basic EDA of wine Data which is further analyzed Below. Basic Wine Analysis
Advanced Wine Analysis
Advanced wine Data Analysis using R and posing various questions. Wine Analysis Folder
Other Misc Projects Random smaller projects, not perfect for representation, but yet a tribute to my work. Misc Projects